What are people saying today? Where is God working in their lives?

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The Daily Chatter...






​Coffee Shop?

Contact us and let us know!

The Monthly Meeting...


  • What are ANGELS?
  • What is evil and where did it come from and WHY?
  • Who is Satan?
  • Why is God relational?
  • What is HELL?
  • How to handle grief.
  • ​What is Heaven?
  • How important is Doubt to Faith?
  • Navigating through change

Past discussions questions:

Whether a labyrinth, a flash-mob, some street art or theatre.

this is a chance to get the WORD of love and hope out....and on YOUTUBE!

Bring your zany ideas, creative impulses....or just come along for the ride! 

Not conflicting with regular "church time", Murmuration will meet once a month in a larger space for creative, interactive worship, and a potluck supper.

This is a great time to meet like minded folk from other cohorts, and talk about the different mission and community service groups you might be interested in joining.

When is a good time for you to meet?

 Join in one of the cafe or taproom meet-ups for theological discussion over a drink and maybe a snack. There are no "wrong" answers. There are no quizzes. It's about spiritual people who are seeking understanding, a closer relationship with God, like minded people, a way to discern how to give back to the world...any and all of these.   


A meal, a chance to worship, meet the larger community of seekers!

Let's do something fun and creative!!!!

Small cohorts in friendly places!

The Weekly Meeting...

Theological conversation 

that flows to ACtion!