We believe there is that of God in all creation! We gleaned that from the Society of Friends! But that encourages us to find the Holy in the ordinary....and to respect  ALL!

Murmuration: a gathering of starlings...check out these videos...Watching the movement of the starlings in this video sort of says more than words can. This is how this ministry moves. We gather and regather as the Spirit moves us.

We believe in God.

We all come to the table with different life experiences, different stories, and each of us have a different understanding of God. 

Our ministry team does believe in the Triune God of Abraham, does believe in Jesus Christ as fully human and fully divine, and does believe in the indwelling Holy Spirit....so....we've got that going for us.....which is nice.

This is not a requirement to be a part of this Murmuration....just be yourself and be awake and aware of the possibilities of God's love! Come with the theology you have, and with an open mind towards others'.


We believe that God is still speaking...This is gleaned from the United Church of Christ....but we really believe it! God still speaks through the living Word of Holy Scripture, and in our daily conversations, popular culture, scientific study, fine arts! How do we know it's God? Let's discuss that!

We believe that we all have a role to play to bring about the Kingdom of God....

We encourage one another to put those gifts to use!

​there will always be people and places that need justice...need love. don't just stand there! Get busy! Not because it gets you something, or some law book, priest or Bible tells you to....do it because it needs done!

Theological conversation 

that flows to ACtion!