Satan (aka The Devil)


The Adversary is everywhere......but is that always a BAD thing.....or does it just make you think....hmmmmm.....

Thorgalinn the Wise(ish)

In addition to pillaging and raiding outdated stereotypes, Thorgalinn works on the technical and video aspects of MurmurationMinistry. He edits and produces the You-tube show!

Blake Spencer

Blake is the minister,  "Teaching Elder",

at the Ocean Heights Presbyterian Church in EHT, NJ. He is the able and affable sidekick for the Youtube show "Murmuration Morning" and his wisdom and buoyant laughter keep us all afloat!


Jeanie Roy Collins 

Presbyterian Minister (PCUSA)

Jeanie feels called to both proclaim God's Good News, and to serve God's People....and the people who choose NOT to be God's People.


Theological conversation 

that flows to ACtion!